Woof Pet Wellness™ Programme

VETiCare Veterinarian clients can now have added peace of mind about their pets' health insurance through the unique Woof Pet Wellness™ Programme.


The Woof Wellness™ Benefit

What makes VETiCare so unique, is that once the pet owner is a VETiCare Policy holder, they have the option of signing up for the WOOF WELLNESS™ BENEFIT through a VetiCare member veterinarian. Woof Pet Wellness™ programme is VETiCARE’s unique and patented Rewards Programme. This unique pet health monitoring programme is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for the pet and reward the pet owner for initiating consistent communication with the Veterinarian through the use of a supportive internal tracking and monitoring programme for administrating veterinary insurance services.

The Woof Wellness™ Benefit is an optional paid monthly benefit added to the Veticare policy, that can only be activated once you are a veticare policy holder and allocated to a nominated veterinarian. Please see Veticare application forms for further details of the Veticare Policy, and speak to your veterinarians for more information on the Woof Wellness™ Benefit.


Benefits to the Pet Owner

The undeniable benefit of the VETiCare Woof Wellness™ Policy for the Pet Owner, is his/her access to affordable premium contributions for peace-of-mind and ongoing health care for the pet. Certain additional benefits are applicable to the pet and pet owner as a reward for initiating and keeping the pet healthy through the use of a supportive system for administrating veterinary insurance services

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Benefits to the Veterinarian

The benefit to the VETiCare Veterinarian Member is that he/she can tailor the Woof Wellness™ Benefit Rewards Programme to their unique practice. Each veterinarian is empowered to make decisions regarding his/her practice by administering their own style of treatment and approach management. This unique relationship applies equally to the veterinarian’s suppliers and clients alike.

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